"A Firm Resolve" Contest

To give up smoking, to lose weight, to start jogging every day. Almost half a year has passed since the New Year and you surely know what happened with your New Year's resolves. And is the theme of our first contest - your firm resolves. Just write a story of any genre (horror, romance, grotesque or anything else - it's your choice).
PubliXo.com is pleased to announce the writing contest on the theme "A Firm Resolve"

How to submit text to the contest?

Just publish your story on PubliXo.com in any of your volumes. Go to "My account > Contests" bookmark, click and choose the right text from the list.


The last update: 16-05-2011

I Organizer and Duration of the Contest

  1. The organizer and the prize sponsor is Creative Media, the owner of PubliXo.com (hereinafter called "Website") and My Book publishing house, located at Hubala 1B/3, 71-298 Szczecin, Poland, hereinafter called "Organizer".
  2. Submissions are accepted from 16 May 2011 to 1 November 2011 r.
  3. To the Contest at least 60 stories of various authors must be submitted. Otherwise, the Organizer reserves the right to extend or to cancel the Contest.

II Conditions for Participation

  1. The Participant can be any adult person (of at least 18 years old at the time of submission) who submit to PubliXo.com a story of his/her own authorship, written in English, previously unpublished in print, satisfying the conditions of the Contest, hereinafter called "the Work".
  2. 2. The Participant warrants that the Work is entirely original and its publication on PubliXo.com does not and will not violate or infringe upon any personal or proprietary rights, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademark rights, trade secret rights, contract rights, privacy rights, or publicity rights of any other persons.
  3. The Participant agrees to satisfy any claims regarding violations of third party's rights caused by the publication of the Work.
  4. The Participant can submit only one story to the Contest.

III Contest Rules

  1. The theme of the Contest is: "A Firm Resolve".
  2. The Work must have between 8 000 and 16 000 signs with spaces.
  3. The Work must be a story of any genre. Its title must not be the same as the title of Contest.
  4. The selection of the best works will be made on the basis of two criteria:
    - PubliXo.com users voting results
    - assessment made by the editorial board of My Book
  5. The voting system will be launched within 7 days after submissions deadline.
  6. The users voting will last for not less than 2 months.
  7. The Contest results will be announced within 30 days after the end of voting on www.PubliXo.com.
  8. The prize for the best 20 Works is publishing by My Book in a collective volume of stories. The anthology book will have an ISBN number and will be sold by www.mybook.pl bookstore.

IV Copyright and Publishing of the Anthology

  1. The anthology book containing the Winners' stories will be published not later than 3 months after the announcement of the Contest results.
  2. The Winner has the right to decide whether his/her story will be published under his name or under a pseudonym.
  3. The Winner grants to the Publisher the non-exclusive worldwide license to publish the Work in print and in the digital format (e-book) for indefinite time.
  4. After publishing, the Winner can not demand the withdrawal of his/her story from the anthology
  5. Each Winner will receive one copy of the book.
  6. The Winners will not receive royalties for the sale of the anthology. Profits from the sale will be used to support PubliXo.com.

V Final Provisions

  1. Joining the Contest, the Participant accepts all Contest rules
  2. Breach by Participant of any of these conditions result in loss of a right to participate in the Contest.
  3. PubliXo.com reserves the right to modify the rules at any time and and to suspend, discontinue, extend or cancel the Contest without giving reasons
  4. The current version of the regulations is available on the website and is effective upon its posting.
  5. Any disputes or controversies arising from the present Contest Rules shall be settled in accordance with the Polish law by common courts or the arbitration court; the proper venue shall be in Szczecin, Poland.
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