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The Chinese turned to the door, took a deep breath and then kicked the door, opening it – or rather crashing it. The sound of police sirens reverberated from all sides. Chang stormed into the hall, instantly turning toward provisional table Kalina and Takumi were at. They both were standing, a little surprised, looking at him. It all lasted for a few seconds, but Chang had an impression it was ages. He was not interested in Takumi, all his attention was directed to and only at Kalina. He knew she was going to do something, an attempt to escape, but did not know what exactly it would be. And guessing her plans was half of success; he could prevent it then.

Before Takumi had time to issue an order to his people, Czech police stormed inside through doors and windows. Chang knew he made a mistake not getting closer to the table – a lot of newcomers made the distance between Kalina and him even bigger, bringing mess and chaos to whole situation. Kalina was not moving – Chang was guessing she already understood he was here after her and he was the one she should fear. She obviously waited for a good moment to disappear – to disappear from his sight as soon as someone would stand between them.

He would not know then where she would go. He could not allow it. He slowly moved forward. He did not pay any attention to the fight around him, not did she. They were looking at each other, one expecting another to do something. Chang’s pace was slow any calm. He had done his move, not it was her turn. There were two ways of escape from there, and he hoped she would choose one of them. One was a room just as he wished – only walls and roof and no other hole to escape through; and the other one: a room with a small window. Someone as slim as she was would manage to slide through it, but there was a small squad on the other side, waiting for her in case she would choose that way. He was just five steps from her, and she still did not move. Maybe she was not going to escape anyway. Fight? Her ambition could tell her to kick his ass, but she would not manage to run away if she stayed here for too long. Suddenly she jumped on the ‘table’, getting closer to Chang at the same time, then quickly turned around on her right leg, raising the left one. Chang jumped away and her foot hit the place where a moment earlier was his face. She stood, gave him an angry glance and then ran toward room without a way out.

Chang had his first small first point, but there were still many points to gain to win this game. He followed her, trying not to take his eyes from her.

He entered the room to see her standing and waiting for him. She must have realized she put herself if deeper troubles. He just stood in a doorway and waited for her move. Nothing too fast. He had time and rush might give her an opportunity to escape. She was a master of escapes.

She lowered her position and raised her hands in guard. It seemed like a challenge, but Chang knew she never was playing such things: she wanted to fight her way out. He took the gun he had with him and pointed it at her. She did not move. Did she know he wanted her alive? He knew he wanted her alive. He knew he HAD to take her alive. Maybe it was not a challenge, but he was ready to take it. He threw the gun behind him, outside, far from the room’s door; still not taking his eyes from her. He waited for an attack, he was not going to do it as the first one.

She was not moving for a long time, then with a loud “aik!” she quickly moved forward, grabbing something on her way and trying to hit Chang with it. He ducked and she missed. It occurred to be some kind of belt; she now was standing keeping it in both her hands. She seemed like she wanted to strike him with it again. She sparred and tried to hit him again. He grabbed the belt – and pulled her to himself. She kicked him in the chest, trying to make him let got the belt and create bigger distance between them. She did not succeed, he violently pulled the belt and tore it out of her hands. In the result he was not on the direct way out any longer, but slightly moved aside. She attacked with a punch, but he jumped behind her and with right hand wrapped the belt around her attacking arm, then moved left hand above her head, making her own fist touching her throat. He pressed and then pressed her knees from back, making her knee, they lay down and then pressed her to the floor, almost sitting on her.

“You are und…” he started, but suddenly he felt a strong kick on his back.

She managed to push him off and free herself from the belt. She threw the thing away and tried to kick him in the face. He ducked again and she missed again.

He jumped on his feet. It was starting to irritate him. It would require more then he expected to arrest her. But then hitting a woman was not something he was used to. In fact he had never hit a woman. But this was not a woman, this was Kalina and he should treat her as such.

He ran toward her, and just before he got to her he turned, sparring and tried to kick her with his left leg. She managed to fend off and replied with a hit at his ribs, while he was turning on his right leg back to face her. He replied with an attack of ridge of opened hand on her neck; she fend it off too, he placed his right foot in front of her left, and repeated the hit. She almost tripped on his foot, but somehow managed to regain balance, using his trick against him and adding a blow at his stomach.

Then she ran toward the door. He followed her, hoping she would not escape.

The only way out of the hall was blocked by policemen fighting against Takumi’s people. Czech were not in good shape – most of Takumi’s men were martial artists, while Czech were just ordinary cops, who were getting strong kicks. Chang noticed Takumi himself was nowhere to be seen.

Kalina ran toward the other room with a small window. He followed her.

She was already climbing up to the window when he arrived there. He ran to her and pulled her down. She tried to set her free, but his grip was strong. He reached to back of his belt and took cuffs, but before he had a chance to use them she turned around, sliding out of his hand. She ran toward the door, but he tripped her up. She did not fall; she managed to grab some box and quickly was back on her feet. This time she was between him and the door. He cuffed his left hand and ran toward her. She quickly turned and ran toward the door. He jumped, took off the wall and jumped on her, landing with his feet on her back. She fell on the floor and he moved weight of his body to the side not to smash her. He landed next to her and before she could get up he cuffed her left hand too. Now he could be sure she would not escape, unless she would tear his arm off.

She made a stifled and angry sound and rapidly rose, pulling his hand. He felt a pain tearing his shoulder – well, maybe it was not such a good idea. She ran around him, twisting his arm and making the pain worse. He jumped up, turning at the same time to straighten his arm and then strongly kicked her. He was getting really angry. He could easily beat her, so why could he not? She did not manage to fend off his kick, nor another one and another. She just kept going back, unable to move farther then to length of their arms, getting kicks on legs and stomach. When she fell down he knew she had enough. With the free hand he took his police card and showed it to her.

“You are under arrest under authority of People’s Republic of China,” he said.

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