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This hat is made of the very thin cotton yarn (I used double thread), but the pattern is universal. I’ve made it spiral, without ending each round with the slip stich. It should be stiff, so use as small hook as possible.

Step 1. The head

Beginning – Chain 3 or 5 sts, slip stitch into 1st chain to form the ring.

Rnd 1 – Work sc into the ring. The number of them depends on the yarn weight. Just crochet as many stitches in a ring as possible.

Rnd 2 – increase in every stitch: 2 sc in every sc of round

Rnd 3 – increase in every third stitch: work 2 sc in the first sc, than work one sc in each of the next 2 sc, repeat to the end of round

Rnd 4 – increase in every fifth stitch: work 2 sc in the first sc, than work one sc in each of the next 4 sc, repeat to the end of round

Rnd 5 and the next : Put your circle on the table and check if it is really flat. In next rounds increase about 8 times in each round. The increases should be slightly shifted (not one above the other) to avoid the creation of corners.

Following the instruction above, make a flat a circle with a diameter of about 8 cm. Continue rounds, increasing 4 times in each round, until the hat circumference will be equal to or a little smaller than the circumference of your head. (My hat is a little to loose and I cannot wear it in the windy days...). Then continue rounds without increasing to obtain the desired height. Just try it on and check if it is deep enough.

Step 2. The brim

Now, we need to make again a flat circle, so we start to increase 8 times in each round, as before. It is possible, than in the first round it should be a little more than 8 – you have to check it by trial and error method. Continue rounds to obtain the desired brim width (in my hat it is 6 cm).

Step 3. Lace edge and decorative tape around the head

In the last round chain 3, make 1 dc in the third sc from the chain, repeat to the end of round.

Make decorative tape: make a chain ca 10 cm longer than the hat head circumference. On this chain make dc separated with 3 ch (as on the edge). Sew around the head.

If necessary, stiffen the brim with spray starch and iron.

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