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The disadvantage of most sophisticated patterns is that they look good on the right side only. When you want to knit a scarf, it’s rather annoying. But a simple combination of knit and purl can also look quite interesting! And you do not have to hide the wrong side :-)

Cast on multiple of 4 sts plus 2 plus 2 edge stitches (in my scarf it was 39 sts). Remember to leave a „tail” of yarn long enough to make picots along the edge of the scarf.

Work 10 rows in garter stitch (every row knit).

Now work a pattern:

Row 1 – k1 *k4, p4; rep from *, end k1.

Rows 2 to 5 – k1 *k the knit sts and p the purl sts*; rep from *, end k1.

Row 6 - k1 *p the knit sts and k the purl sts, end k1.

Rows 7 to 10 – as rows 2 to 5

Repeat these 10 rows until desired length, end with 10 rows in garter stitch and cast off. Don’t cut the yarn! Now, on both ends of the scarf make crochet picots (ch 3, slip stitch in 3rd chain from hook).

Of course, the pattern is universal and you can make blocks of any size.

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