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  • Click "Add work"
  • Create a volume. It is a kind of catalog in which your texts will be stored and ordered, so e.g. your stories will not be mixed with your poems or chapters of a novel
  • Write or paste your text into editor. You can illustrate it with photographs or drawings (remember about the author's law - see terms of use)
  • Click preview and check if everything looks correct. Save your work. It's ready!
  • Visit also "Profile" and "Published books" bookmarks - make your showcase and promote your books


Each mBook contains a collection of texts: it can be a volume of poems, short stories or a novel divided into chapters. Use the options below to easily use our mBooks (access to menu: fire or 5 key or double click). The majority of these options can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts (in brackets).
  • Table of contents Table of contents (*): displays a list of texts contained in mBook and goes to the beginning of the text selected from a list.
  • Bookmarks Bookmarks (#): using this option, you can select any location in the text, to which you would like to come back later.
  • Go to Go to (7): mBook is a continuous text, with no page breaks. Therefore, the place in the text, in which you currently are, is described as a percentage. "Go to" option helps to navigate the mBook, e.g. to move to end without long scrolling.
  • Settings Settings (0): here you select the font size (1), the color of the letters and background suitable for reading in a different light conditions (day / night) (3) and the screen orientation (standard or rotated 90 degrees)
  • Help Help (9): a brief description of the available options and keyboard shortcuts
  • Check for update Check for update: mBook may change when, for instance, the author supplements it with new texts. The new version can be downloaded directly to your device, of course if it has an Internet connection.
  • Exit from mBook Exit from mBook: exits the application.
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