For whom was Publixo created?

For beginning writers

Probably wondering whether your stories or poems can be interesting for readers. Do not write for the drawer! Publish your texts in and present them to the wider group of people. And if you will take part in our writing contests, you get a chance to even publish your work in a book!

For experienced authors

Do you want to promote your book? is an excellent opportunity to present both new works and excerpts of those already published. All posted texts are automatically converted to mBooks – the most modern form of a book. On our website you can also create your showcase. Fill the form "Publish books" - and your login will be marked with a book icon , informing other users about your successful publishing.

For literature lovers

You like to read everywhere - in a bus, train, on holiday. But carrying a suitcase full of books is not very comfortable... Or perhaps are you annoyed with the high books prices? Try our mBooks – i.e. a kind of ebooks e-books suitable for reading on most mobile devices (cell phone, PDA). The rating and comments system allows you to choose the best works from our site - all for free.

For publishers service is open to any cooperation with publishers. We offer:
– sales systems for digital books: ebooks, mBooks, online acces
– DRM (protection against illegal copying).

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