Mobile ebooks

In you can find texts in the following formats: epub - supported by most readers
mobi - format suitable especially for Kindle
mBook - the files to be read on any mobile device, having Java installed. They can be run on most mobile phones, PDA or e-book reader, including touch-screen devices.

Read wherever you want!

Each story or poem published in is automatically converted to epub, mobi and mBook. You can have your favorite texts wherever you go and read them wherever and whenever you want. Also, where there is no access to the internet.

How to use?

Each eBook contains a collection of texts: it may be a book of poems, short stories or a novel divided into chapters. Simply download the appropriate format and upload to the device. Mobi format can be sent directly to the Kindle.
mBooks are installed the same way as other applications designed for mobile devices (such as Java games for mobile phones). Just download and run the downloaded file .jar. The convenient use menu options to help you - access by fire or 5 or double click . If in doubt, use the help .
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