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Date added2018-10-22
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TitleGenreDate addedRating
Achtung! poetry2018-10-22
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Awaria dźwigu poetry2018-10-23
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Błędy młodości poetry2018-10-24
- no ratings -
Brunatne szambo zalało syreny poetry2018-10-25
- no ratings -
Francois Ravaillac poetry2018-10-26
- no ratings -
Góral poetry2018-10-27
- no ratings -
Kulig poetry2018-10-28
- no ratings -
Prawicowiec poetry2018-10-29
- no ratings -
Wychodek poetry2018-10-30
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Braciszek poetry2018-11-24
- no ratings -
Działka poetry2018-12-13
- no ratings -
Plantacje poetry2018-12-17
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Other volumes by this Author
TitleVolume typeNumber of textsDate added
Prusvolume of poems22018-09-23
Barszczvolume of poems42018-09-25
2015volume of poems82018-09-29
2017volume of poems22018-10-07
Wyższyvolume of poems102018-10-09
2016volume of poems22018-10-19
2012volume of poems22018-10-31
2008volume of poems12018-11-02
Oskarżonyvolume of short stories12018-11-03
Mój Ojciec...volume of poems62018-11-03
2006volume of poems12018-12-31
2019volume of poems122019-01-16
2020volume of poems52020-01-05
2021volume of poems22021-02-25
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